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Haylee Homs                                                          2013

Haylee R. Homs is a graduate of Columbia College – Hollywood. She graduated Valedictorian with double majors in both Cinema and TV Production. Her last semester of college she produced, directed, and co-wrote a short film titled “Everybody’s Fool,” which won an audience award at The New York International Independent Film Festival.

Haylee started her industry career as an intern for Dark Trick Productions and FOX studios. After coordinating and location managing some smaller commercial productions, she moved up quickly in her field. Haylee was offered a position as Director of Development at Magellan Media, a Newport Beach production company. While working with Magellan, Haylee opened a stock footage company called Stock Up and oversaw the growth of Gear Co., a gear rental facility within Magellan Media.

Haylee then moved on to producing for a well-established DRTV company. There she supervised and coordinated over 15 commercials and infomercials. In November of 2005, Haylee began working freelance with Volvo/ Ford Motor Cars as a Production Manager. There, she worked with the Digital Asset Management team, handling in-house productions and Video Bank.  After being approached to produce another indie film in 2006, Haylee started pre-production on her passion project, “Art Imitating Life. “ This project is currently in the financing stage. Over the next 3 years Haylee produced some notable commercials and music videos, including coordinating OKGO’s MTV award winning “Do what you want” music video. She has also worked on “Inland Empire,” David Lynch’s latest film.

Being freelance, Haylee has had her hand in many different fields of the industries proverbial ‘cookie jar.’ Her credits include Producer, Line/Associate Producer, UPM, Production Manager, Location Manager, Casting Director, AD, Script Supervisor, and Video Tech.

In October 2007, Haylee began as full time producer for Wumbus Corporation, producing high-end custom videos and safety films for Fortune 500 companies. While working with Wumbus she produced over 25 videos in less than 3 years, more than doubling their in house productions since 2002.

Ready for a new challenge, Haylee decided it was time for a new adventures. In the last 3 years she has been working  for 24 Productions, Product Channels, and 3 Wands with notable clients such as Bosch, Precision Dermatology, Toshiba, and DLINK. As well as being a west coast producer for Digital Health an east coast agency focusing on health and beauty campaigns.


Haylee was a pleasure to work with and integral to the success of the direct marketing project we collaborated on. I look forward to working with her again, whatever the project may be.

— Richard Green – Producer/Writer/Development, Independent Writer/Producer

I worked with Haylee on a feature film and found her to be the most competent of my colleagues. I was the film’s DP, Haley was the producer; She was able pull together an amazing array of arrangements and resources in a very low budget, difficult environment. She had a great attitude and I feel very comfortable recommending her.

— Eric Goldstein – Director, Director of Photography, Writer, Editor, Composite Artist, Producer, Giraffe Film Co., Inc.

I must say that I have never worked with an individual who can get it done and/or make it happen like Haylee can. By simply making a few calls to the right people and shooting a few emails, she has a keen ability to turn a crisis situation into a walk in the park. Her ability to secure locations, cast, crew, props or anything else that may be needed in a short period of time is truly amazing. On top of it all she is a pleasure to have around as she always brings a positive attitude with her.

I am glad to recommend Haylee as a incredible individual to add to your team.

— Michael Solgonick – General Manager, Wumbus Corporation

Having Haylee on my Company’s production was wonderful. She always gives 110%. She is organized, smart, and really knows how to make things happen. She always has a place in any production we do.

— David Gold – Post Production Supervisor, The Tyra Banks Show

Haylee, is a fantastic producer. She is very detailed and creative. I would highly recommend her work, she would be an asset to any company or project…

— Adam MacDonald – CEO, Take2Direct

There is no Producer I would recommend more highly then Haylee. She has proven her excellence time and time again in casting our actors, finding amazing locations, and managing a set that works like clock-work. She always delivers on time, under budget, and with the utmost quality. If you’re looking for a producer that is easy to work with, efficient, and get’s things done..I can’t think of a better pick.

— Chad Young – Creative Director, Wumbus Corporation

Without a doubt, Haylee is the best producer I’ve worked with. Her creative instincts and pragmatic solutions have kept my project(s) moving forward. Haylee knows how to shepherd a film from beginning to end without any ego or personalities getting in the way. Intelligence, maturity, common sense and fearlessness are only some of the positive qualities she brings. Haylee has become a dear friend and invaluable partner, and I highly recommend her to anyone lucky enough to have the chance of including her on their team.

— Matthew Van Vlack – Writer, Director, Producer, Brickyard Hill Productions

Haylee’s “can-do” attitude, organizational skills, and easy-going personality made this production one I greatly enjoyed. From rehearsals to being on set, she was excellent to work with – something I look forward to doing again soon.

— Natasha (Baker) Younge – Independent Entertainment Professional

Haylee is a one in a million personality. She is a dedicated individual with a charming spirit. Her attitude and abilities assures us that she will accomplish any task within budget and on time – every time! Because of her electric smile and brilliant resourcefulness, Haylee is able to motivate her team to go above and beyond the call of duty. She truly is a remarkable woman and has earned the highest level of respect from amongst her peers.

We are absolutely amazed and very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Haylee all of these years. All of us at Wumbus Corporation look forward to dozens more with her as well.

— Joseph Moon – President / CEO, Wumbus Corporation

Haylee was a great addition to our production studio at Volvo Cars of North America.
We were in the process of installing an asset management system and she did a great job of helping us develop the system and get it on line.

In addition to this she helped produce our Corp Satellite Broadcast Townhalls. These are always high pressure situation that must go smoothly, since the are broadcasted live. Her help organizing and her ability to work under pressure contributed to the programs overall success.

She would be a great asset to any serious production facility.

— Bruce Olds – Executive Operations Manager at Volvo Cars of North America

Having worked with Haylee on a number of film projects while attending Columbia College Hollywood together, I can personally attest to her high level of professionalism, her “get it right the first time” attitude, and her ability to solve problems effectively and efficiently. Haylee brings an envious amount of energy and passion to any challenges assigned to her and her unwavering commitment to excellence shows in her work. Anyone seriously looking for a strong, positive force to add to their team, need look no further. Haylee comes with my highest recommendation.

— Dennis Alfrey – Manager, Broadcast Operations at Here Media, Inc.

Haylee and I were in Development on a feature project, in which her professionalism, and skill were quite impressive. I recommend her for management, in fact would welcome her on my staff.

— John Wassel – President, Wassel & Company Motion Pictures, Inc.

Haylee and I first worked together in 2005. It was a great experience! She is a detail oriented producer that gets things done quickly and efficiently, and made the job of acting/hosting easy and simple on-set. I highly recommend Haylee in any creative production capacity, and look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.

— Brad Milne – Actor / Producer / Writer / Teacher, Milne Productions

I have never worked with a more capable Producer than Haylee, she is very knowlegeable in all aspects of productions and fun to work with. I would highly recommend Haylee to be a part of any production.

— Bill Ranson – Producer, Allied Entertainers Films

Haylee is an outstanding producer who knows what it takes to deliver a successful project. On our scripted, multi-media show, her creative insight combined with her knack for organization, made her an invaluable part of our production team. And with her diverse skill set, quite frequently Haylee was able to think outside the box – which we all benefited from. I highly recommend Haylee Rochelle to any production company or entity that is thinking of employing her.

— Jessica Reynolds – Supervising Producer, Go Go Luckey


— Edward Dadulak – Owner, HD PRO VIDEO LA, LLC

Haylee was a blast to work with. She was very organized and detail oriented. I very much look forward to working with her again.

— Steven F. Heuer – Director of Photography, Freelance